The Key to Success

Education is and will always remain the key to success. I remember myself as a miracle of education; born in a local town in Nigeria, scrambled for the little available educational source, learning in overcrowded classrooms, and ill equipped schools. That Education was what saved me from a life of immense poverty, opened my mind to dream, took my mind away from my self and made me start seeking a life of impact and purpose.

Anyone can Learn Anything

I believe that Education is the solution to all the worlds’ ills. SDG 8 (Decent Work & Economic Growth) and SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities & Communities) can be solved by an inclusive system of Education-an unbiased, equal and accessible educational system FOR ALL. Infusing Education and Technology is one way of scaling an equal, inclusive, accessible and unbiased educational system. I believe that we can yet create an algorithm that can make even the poorest individual have access to education by creating tools, systems and infrastructure that ensures that anyone can learn anything. This will help reduce poverty and create economic growth. Technology provides avenues for learning anytime, anywhere, without having to spend so much on structures, infrastructure.


A lot of African society lack infrastructure, for instance in a village where there isn’t the right kind of laboratories or classrooms or colleges, or teachers someone can learn from another student in a area where all this is available. This person equipped with that knowledge came go on to invent an alternative system to learn that particular problem taking perspective from then unique issue in his particular environment. Sites such as Khan Academy and YouTube have videos on almost any subject that can be used to help special learners. Tutors who are more qualified and knowledgeable can record a lecture to be watched or heard later. This information can be shared on the internet so that this other students in countries where there is lack og experienced tutors can have access to that resource and can learn from them.

Everyone has a right to education and in a world as digital as ours, where machines are given a mind of their own, we need not deprive ourselves of education.

We should ALL imbibe Ed-Tech

Technology has made learning to become more engaging and real. Students can read about a country, they haven’t visited through virtual reality, live videos. Science teachers can demonstrate experiments that are cost prohibitive or too dangerous to perform live. Students can perform science experiments virtually on their Laptops. Learning has become more possible.

Inclusive Learning Practises

Also, some students learn best by watching, some by hearing, and some by doing. Some people work best in the morning, while others prefer late nights. Technology allows students some freedom to learn in the modality that best fits and at their convenience. .

Local Content

Every learning PROCESS is greatly influenced by the environment. A lot of people would learn better if they learn probably in their own local tongue, local analogies and immediate cares and attention. Educational content should not only be in English, French or Chinese… but in other local languages like Hausa, Yoruba, Swahili, and should be available for locals to learn

“I advocate for access to an open source and free internet. In Nigeria where I live, the cost of internet data is extremely high. If we can advocate that data be open to all. Then education technology will be scaled."