“Raising the next generation of female stakeholders in Technology, Leadership and Entrepreneurship"


Every Woman is a Leader. We are raising the next generation of women who will contribute to moving Africa forward.


Innovation is an inexhastible driver for economic development. We are equipping women with the tool to drive innovation and positive change.


We are empowering African women with the right tools to enable them identify problems, and build systems targeed at solving those problems, thus, creating value for themselves, their community and the continent.


“To teach, train and empower African Women towards entrepreneurship (providing scalable solutions) and leadership, (driving positive change in their communities) through technology and innovation."

We are community of women, co-creating the future, collaboratively building the new face of Technology, Entrepreneurship and leadership in Africa.

We believe the secret ingredient to your success as an entrepreneur is just not luck or even the perfect sales funnel (although those are great too), but having a network of inspirational, empowering friends, Female techies, business besties and access to business experts and mentors who support you and cheer you on through the highs and lows of your business. This is what our community stands for.

Fempower Africa Supports, inspires and empowers female founders and Techies both online and offline. Founded in 2017, has since organized programs across 3 countries in the African continent.

We highlight inspirational women and role models and curate online courses to ease your journey into entrepreneurship, Technology and Leadership. This brings us closer to our mission of supporting female entrepreneurs across the world and our community is an indispensable part of this goal. We are glad that you have decided to join us.

It takes the Effort of MAJORITY to Change what's Possible!

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